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Semana Marillier: Entrevista EXCLUSIVA (Parte 2/3)

Dois dias depois de termos dado a conhecer aos leitores do Lydo e Opinado a entrevista exclusiva que este fez à protagonista desta semana aqui no blog, a maravilhosa Juliet Marillier, hoje chegou a vez de publicarmos a segunda parte de série de perguntas que realizámos. Tal como da primeira vez, vamos colocar aqui no blog a entrevista na língua original em que foi feita (inglês), mas, se alguém preferir lê-la traduzida para português, carregue aqui (ao comentar, no entanto, faça-o neste tópico do blog principal).

8º - Your characters reflects persons that you know or are just totally original from your imagination?
I think all writers use material from people they know when creating characters. The raw material for all fiction is the writer’s personal experience. However, I don’t base characters on individuals I know – they are always a blend.

9º - And your creativity to write stories? Where your imagination come from? Some time you based in something that happened to you?
This is extremely hard to answer. I don’t know if people are born with a creative imagination or whether they develop it through nurture, or partly both. I was certainly brought up surrounded by books and stories, and was encouraged by my parents to read and write.
I do sometimes build my personal experiences, fears, misgivings and beliefs into the books. For instance, when Paula is on her quest in Cybele’s Secret, I gave her some challenges that represent my own worst fears (crossing a shaky suspension bridge, and being underground in pitch darkness.)

10º - You are a writer that has a schedule to write?
I have a fairly well-organised working day, with a schedule based around the walks and meals for my animals! Generally I follow the same schedule every day, but sometimes I spend the time writing the new book, and sometimes I need to do editing, answer emails and letters, work on my accounts, and a lot of other tasks that are part of a professional writer’s work.

11º- You listen music when you write? Which are your favorite singers?

While I’m writing I often prefer silence, and if I do listen I will chose something purely instrumental, because I’ve found the lyrics of songs are distracting. Favourite singers: I like Loreena McKennitt, Karen Matheson from Capercaillie, and Irish folk singer Karan Casey. I love the Celtic bands Capercaillie, Runrig and Solas. Closer to your part of the world, I also enjoy the music of Carlos Nunez and the group Luar na Lubre.

12º- Recently you wrote “Heir of Sevenwaters” (that will be published in portuguese on May 8). Was for you a good experience return to the characters and sceneries of the trilogy that enchanted
so many people?

I enjoyed writing Heir to Sevenwaters very much. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about going back to that world and those characters, but once I started it felt very natural.

13º - Between the books you wrote, you have a favorite? And, of all the books you wrote, you can suggest one of them to someone that want to start reading your books?
Choosing a favourite is difficult, because I have different reasons for liking different books. I think it’s a tie between Son of the Shadows and The Well of Shades. Son of the Shadows because I really loved creating Bran’s band of outlaw warriors, and The Well of Shades because I think it contains my best, most mature love story.
Which to start with? Either Daughter of the Forest, Wolfskin or Wildwood Dancing – it depends on the reader.

14º- Actually you are reading a book?
I’m about to start reading Revelation by C J Sansom. His books are great! They are historical detective stories, set in the time of Henry VIII. Sansom really makes the period come alive.

Se quiseres ler a última parte da entrevista, continua a acompanhar o Lydo e Opinado ao longo desta Semana Marillier. Amanhã não percas uma pequena introdução a cada um dos três livros que a Juliet aconselhou nesta parte da entrevista a quem quiser começar a ler a sua obra - se ainda não leste nada dela, visita-nos amanhã e fica a saber os três livros que a autora te aconselha a começares! Até lá, boas leituras!

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Sara disse...

Epá, não conheço nenhum cantor/a que ela goste x)
Os livros dela têm títulos muito parecidos ou é impressão minha?

Beijinho @

t i a g o . disse...

As palavras "Filho", "Sombras", "Floresta" têm um carinho especial por parte da Juliet, sim :) Mas são lindos.

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