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Semana Marillier: Entrevista EXCLUSIVA (Parte 3/3)

[Fotografia que a autora enviou exclusivamente ao Lydo e Opinado, que mostra a própria Juliet com a sua neta mais nova, nascida há cerca de três meses - a Irie]

E hoje publicamos finalmente a terceira e última parte da entrevista que o Lydo e Opinado fez à protagonista desta semana aqui no blog, a maravilhosa e extremamente simpática Juliet Marillier, autora de sagas brilhantes como Sevenwaters, As Crónicas de Bridei, A Saga das Ilhas Brilhantes e Wildwood Dancing.

Se quiserem ler esta parte da entrevista em português carreguem aqui, mas para a comentarem façam-na neste tópico do blog principal (o outro serve apenas para usos em caso destes de traduções).
15º - You would like to make a project in partnership with another writer? Who you will choose to work with you?
I can’t imagine doing this, but if I did I would choose a writer whose approach to storytelling is reasonably similar to mine. Perhaps Australian author Kate Forsyth, author of the Witches of Eileannan series, or Celtic historical novelist Jules Watson.

16º - Exist some book of other writer that you liked to write but "unfortunately" that person had that idea first?
It’s not so much other writers choosing an idea I had thought of, more that there are certain books I admire very much and wish I had written!

17º - You came to Portugal last summer. Did you enjoyed?

Yes, I did, especially my trip to the fascinating historical buildings of Sintra and the opportunity to meet so many fans. I was made extremely welcome. The signing in Lisbon was great, too. I hope I will come back some time soon and perhaps stay in Portugal long enough to see a little more of the

18º - And some time you thought that you could write a novel passed in Portugal, or Spain?
It’s a possibility for the future. I have an interesting story line that could commence in Portugal or Spain, then take the characters on a lengthy voyage elsewhere – it would be more of a historical novel than a fantasy.

19º - Do you like animals?
I love animals. My life revolves around my two dogs and one cat. I have a tendency to adopt waifs and strays, and currently have a dog whom I adopted when she was old, blind and homeless. I’ve just had some new author photos taken, in which the other dog, Gretel, appears with me. When I watch television, it is usually programs about vets or animal welfare.

20º - Recently Juliet caught a big scare when was diagnoses a tumour. Fortunately the situations are going well. But how did you deal with that? What changed in your life?
I’m still dealing with it – the news was quite a shock. Yes, it has gone well so far but I am heading into a long period of treatment which is going to make me quite sick, so I will be working hard to show courage and stay calm. After being quite upset for the first week or so, I decided I would not listen to any negative talk about my situation, so I have posted some rather bossy statements on my website telling readers to send only positive messages (and I’ve received some wonderful emails.) What changed in my life? Quite a bit. I am noticing all the beautiful things around me, and thinking
about all the good experiences I’ve had in the past, and what I’ve achieved in my life. On a more practical level, I’ve gone onto a strict low-fat diet, am trying to keep up my exercise routine in a modified form, and am drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day! And I am not doing quite as much writing as usual. A lot of this is in preparation for chemotherapy, which takes quite a toll on the body. Having a rest from writing will probably allow me to read more books (yay!) and do some handiwork like knitting.

21º - During this interview you told us a little bit about yourself and about your methods of writing. The Portuguese fans would like to receive some words, advice, want you want to tell them something.
I don’t want to sound too serious here. For the last month and a half my mind has been on big
issues: life and death, sickness and health, what makes people brave, and so on. Really, I would like to say to my Portuguese fans a big thank you for supporting me so wonderfully and continuing to read my books with such enjoyment and appreciation. It means a lot to me to know you love my writing so much. I have found my Portuguese readers highly intelligent (as demonstrated by the
kind of questions you ask) and extremely courteous and friendly.
For those of you who are writers or
creative artists, keep on working hard, follow your dreams and have faith in yourself! For those of you who just love to read, I hope your reading sweeps you away into worlds of the imagination and makes your daily life brighter.

Por hoje é tudo, e assim se conclui a terceira parte da entrevista a Juliet Marillier. Mas a semana dedicada a esta autora ainda se prolonga até Domingo, por isso continua atento! Existe uma falha, no entanto, de acordo com os planos originais: era previsto eu a Patrícia termos feito uma pausa nos livros que estávamos a ler para lermos um da Juliet, e no sábado e no Domingo cada um fazia uma crítica ao livro que lera. Só que a Patrícia já me disse que não teve oportunidade de ler um livro da autora... e eu ainda tneho 100 páginas para ler do meu! Por isso, a minha crítica fica para Domingo. Para amanhã, prepara-te para uma miscelânia de curiosidades e informações acerca da escritora. Boas leituras!


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Gostei muito de ler. ^^

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Tchi, não sabia que ela tinha um tumor.. Ainda bem que está a lidar da melhor maneira com isto.
Ela é super simpática!

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Já te tinha dito isto no fórum. mas volto a repetir. Gostei muito da iniciativa. Parabéns!

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